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MA2 Velocity Faders (Discontinued)

A Max for Live Plugin

While the MA2 provides velocity sensitive fader actions via MIDI, the faders return to zero when you release the note. This is fine if you don't want to use a sequence off time to create a "decay" effect. If you were to map the master directly to the incoming note, you would find that your off time is not usable because the master is set to zero as soon as the note off command is sent. This tool circumvents that behavior.

To make best use of this tool, you will need two tracks. The first track is mapped to a "Temp" button on the executor, while the second track is mapped to the executor's master. Put the tracks on separate MIDI channels (this is required). MIDI input on the first track is from your keyboard or other device. MIDI input on the second track is direct from the first track. The result is that hitting a key on your keyboard performs the following actions:

  1. The fader is set to a position relative to the velocity of the note.
  2. The temp button is pressed.
  3. On note off, the temp button is released and the sequence fades out using the executor's off time.
  4. The fader, however, remains at the velocity position until it receives another note on.

Known issues with MA2 v2.9.1.1:

  • With a physical MIDI connection, you are limited to about 5 simultaneous events. I have not found this to be an issue in practice. If you really need more bandwidth, you can use ipmidi. However, ipmidi is only compatible with OnPC.

No warranty is implied. Use at your own risk. It may not actually work. You have been warned. Don't come crying to me when you get fired for using this tool.

Due to a change in the way that the desk handles velocity,

I am beta testing a new and improved version of this tool that utilizes the MA MSC over ethernet protocol. Check back for updates or contact me directly if you have a pressing need for it.