Broadcast Lighting

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It takes more than a light meter to make great broadcast lighting. With a deep understanding of the path that light takes from source to subject to sensor and ultimately display, I work closely with the video engineer, director and producers to craft a perfect visual style, customized to the content we are creating. From broadcast news to music videos to sports to live concerts, I can help you achieve your visual goals.

I spent the first decade of my career on the road with various artists. I saw the world. I took a lot pictures, most of which were mundane, but a few still please me. Studying photography, technical and expressive, made me a better LD and I use those skills every day in my work.


Software Development & Live Control System Design

Every project has a unique set of requirements; there is no cookie-cutter approach that will satisfy all needs. Sometimes the simplest answer to a design challenge is to create an "app for that". I have designed and built control systems and software for many live shows and broadcasts. I've done custom development work for clients like Avicii, Linkin Park, NFL Red Zone Channel and others who cannot be named. I'm happiest when I'm doing what "can't be done".

Lighting Programming

Lighting is the common theme here and I would be remiss if I did not mention that I am, at my core, a lighting programmer. I have programmed tours for Sting, Van Halen, Reba McEntire, Avicii, Duke Dumont and others. Using the experience I gained touring the world, I craft beautiful, musical shows that are easy to run and maintain. In fact, there is at least one artist out there who is still touring on a showfile I created a decade ago.

Of course, tour programming is just one style. I also have experience with, well, pretty much every other discipline, TV being my current focus. Let's talk about the gig and I'll tell you straight up if I'm right for it. If I'm not, I probably know someone who is.